Who are we?

Welcome to Vitalcasa: 

We are a company with extensive experience in the real estate brokerage that dates back to 1999. 

Our greatest asset is the team, composed of highly trained professionals at all stages of the purchase, both in their trade, and finance, management scripts, sales, etc. so our work goes far beyond just selling a home. 

The working philosophy is directed to provide the best product for each client through a detailed study of their needs and possibilities, our sales team will find the ideal property whether you are looking to buy property as a rental. 

We have a portfolio of over 2,000 properties, all direct. 

We offer full warranty Messrs owners who have decided to sell or rent out your property with us, taking care of absolutely everything and what is very important: keeping the customer informed at all times. 

Vitalcasa is proud to offer comprehensive advice, resolving any questions that may arise, and doing all those steps that are necessary to the success of the operation. 

Our company offers, among other services, pricing aimed at those owners who want to know at what price to sell your home, managing scriptures until registration of property, settlement of the taxes, after-sales service that includes changes of ownership in supplies, management of payments of municipal Goodwill ... 

Certainly, and more in modern times, one of the most important issues facing us at the time of the purchase of our home is the financing of it. Vitalcasa has its own finance department that will get the best home loan thanks to a long experience in dealing with the banking sector. We also commit to try to improve any offer at no cost to the customer has received. 

We are aware of the added difficulty of being a foreigner and not familiar with the legal procedures. Vitalcasa is specialized in dealing with this sector of customers, In our company we speak English, French, German and Polish. We also take care of your appointment request to acquire the NIE, administrative process with embassies and consulates around the world and service we provide certified translation of documents. In short, we fulfill any customer need related to their non-national. 

Our goal is nothing less than fully meet the needs and expectations of people seeking our services and for us there is no greater reward than the satisfaction of our customers.

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